Daaamn, Delta..

…back at it again with the controversy.

Written by Gabrielle Ebron (@gabrielleebron)

Delta Airlines is under fire again for the third or fourth time this year. In October, they received backlash after an African-American physician went to Facebook with a post claiming that her doctoral background was questioned when she offered medical assistance to a sick passenger. Her post went viral and was picked up by national media publications like The New York Times due to the discussion that race may have played a factor.

Just two months earlier, and a couple days after fliers ranted on Twitter that the inflight version of a same-sex film had edited out the women’s kissing scene, Delta experienced a computer outage that delayed almost 1,200 flights total. The outage occurred in early August, right as many vacationers were taking their last trip of the summer. Customers were upset at the airline’s lack of timely communication and forced to cancel trips, miss birthday parties and more.

Now, in November, Delta finds itself yet again at the center of social media scrutiny. A passenger on a plane (flying from Atlanta, GA to Allentown, PA) in all his deplorable excitement, ranted about the victory of President-elect Donald Trump. He even went as far as to call the other passengers, “Hillary B——!”

Source: Facebook screenshot by author

The passenger was not removed.

A video catching the tail end of his rant was posted to Facebook by another passenger and viewed over a million times. In true social media fashion, the video made its way to Twitter and found itself igniting a #BoycottDelta movement. Many celebrities and public figures have spoken out about the incident and numerous Twitter users filled Delta’s mentions wanting to know why the company did nothing and what it was going to do next.

The incident took place on Tuesday, Nov. 22. The airline finally released a statement today – four days later – Saturday, Nov. 26. A screenshot of the statement is below:

Source: Delta news hub

Now many are still questioning what the company will do next. Yes, Delta, we know you will investigate. We know that isn’t your company’s “culture.” We know so many companies will say anything to keep the business going – but really, Delta, what will you DO?

Photo 1 credit: Facebook

Photo 2 credit: Delta news site


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