Facebook and Business

By: Jessica Oswald

Throughout the year of 2016 Facebook has come out with many new features. One of those features is Facebook Live which is a live video service that can be used to update your friends on where you are and what you are doing. When you think about it, Facebook Live could be really good for businesses, according to Forbes.com, the new feature can be used to attract more followers, and engage with viewers and for small business owners this can be used to reach a wider audience.

Facebook also just came out with a new feature that finds free WI-FI Spots. This new feature is only for the ios mobile app, and if you want can be set to “always” which will then prompt the app to always automatically find the nearest WI-FI hotspots. According to digitaltrends.com “The feature essentially lists free and public Wi-Fi locations, and highlights them on a map, providing you directions to your chosen place…” This new feature is also a great way for business to gain large amounts of traffic into their stores. All the company has to do is get free WI-FI, and Facebook will find it.


The original feature that was the basis for the free WI-FI finder was called “WI-FI for check-ins” and was only in select areas. Facebook had partnered up with Cisco (and eventually Netgear), and their Meraki routers, to let users use the businesses free WI-FI in exchange for visiting and checking into the businesses Facebook page.

There is another feature called Facebook Business, it helps any kind of business grow their social media through the use of ads, Instagram, Facebook pages, or messenger. They also use a feature called Audience Network also helps create ads, and Atlas which helps with media analytics so that you can see just how well your Facebook page is doing.

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