Green is the New Black

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The day after Thanksgiving for a large amount of Americans means waking up at 5 AM to get a decent spot in line at the nearest shopping mall in order to get a head start on Christmas shopping while also scoring some really good sale deals. Some people even go to the extreme of camping out a few days prior to the actual sale day. In some odd way, black Friday has become part of our culture.  People have literally died over taking 20% off a flat screen TV at the local Best Buy but yet the extremist who participate in the madness do not seem to mind. I have never personally been black Friday shopping, the idea of it really stresses me out. But in 2015, California State Parks created an alternative called “Green Friday” which is something I can get down with.

Green Friday is a new alternative to crowed shopping malls and gives people the opportunity to go out and enjoy nature with family and loved ones. 116 of the 280 state parks in California are offering free admission for the day as well as a free parking pass while supplies last. According to Gloria Sandoval, deputy director of public affairs for California State Parks, The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest times of the year. Because it is a busy time, green Friday goers are encouraged to plan ahead of time due to passes being limited. This year is only the second year for California State Parks to host green Friday but plan on having a successful turn out.

I really do love the idea of this black Friday alternative. So many people are too caught up into having the newest iPhone or a bigger TV that we forget to enjoy what is all around us. I hope this idea of Green Friday begins to spread around the country and more people begin to appreciate the simple things in life during the holiday seasons.


By Lauren Vincent



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