All About Hate Comments on Social Media

Whether you use Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you will most likely experience some sort of negativity or “hate comment” on one of your social media accounts. A hate comment is a form of cyber bullying that can include mean comments on a social media post. These comments can come from friends, relatives or even strangers. This is a very unfortunate issue in today’s society that is rather common. Celebrities on social media especially get a lot of hate under their Instagram pictures, forcing them to sometimes delete their post because of all of the negativity, which is very sad because famous people have feelings too and don’t deserve the hate that they get. Personally, I have even experienced hate on my Instagram and it made me feel very bad about myself. I had posted a picture of myself with my hair in a half ponytail with winged eyeliner and I got about many comments from strangers telling me that I was copying Ariana Grande. They were saying that I could never be her and I was trying too hard to look like her, which I wasn’t. I ended up deleting my picture because I didn’t want my other followers to see the hate comments under my picture. I do regret deleting that picture, so I have listed some ways to deal with the hate comments below:
• Block the Haters
If you notice that someone has insulted you or was just left a nasty comment on one of your social media posts, block that person. Blocking someone on social media, such as Instagram, will not only delete their comments but will actually never show you posts from them again and they will never be able to comment or like on any of your posts.
• Delete/Hide the Hate Comments
If you see hate comments on one of your pictures and want to get rid of them without deleting your post, then just delete the comments. Instagram has a new feature now where you can delete individual comments. Its new feature can also let you hide inappropriate comments so people can’t write offensive words on your posts.
• Defend Yourself and Be the Bigger Person
You don’t always have to hide from your haters, you can always reply back and defend yourself. Defending yourself doesn’t mean you have to be mean as well, you should be the bigger person and say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then please don’t say anything at all. Have a nice day!”

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