Bing: My Saves

Written by: Hailey Turner 

Bing recently rolled out a new feature titled My Saves allowing searchers to be able to save any video, image or shopable image to a folder for later access. My Saves works on desktop and mobile and is currently only available in certain markets. Bing has let the searchers know they are welcoming feedback on this new feature to ensure a productive and useful feature to all.

Allows users to save images, videos, shopping results and places from Bing’s SERP so they can look at the saved content at a later time. The feature categorizes the saves by Image, Video, Shopping and Places creating organization. My Saves not only will save the specific image/video/shopping but the search that lead you their. This will allow consumers to remember all the details of these items and create a seamless searching experience.


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Some of the downsides include the fact that you can not create folders or sections within your categories to organize all the saves, for example, being able to create Christmas wish lists for family members. Without this feature My Saves could become very irrelevant. Another downside is the challenge of finding this feature on Bing. It is a small heart on the top of the search results and can be overlooked. Once the searcher is trained to use this more frequently this should no longer be an issue. Also, a searcher must be logged into a Microsoft account in order to use this feature, although this makes sense in order to track each consumer. Lastly, the feature currently does not allow for general web searches to be saved which is an obvious necessary improvement

This feature will also prove to be extremely beneficial to Microsoft/Bing in allowing a more advanced and effective consumer profile. Getting further access to what consumers are searching and saving will be a data goldmine for advertisers.


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