Black Friday or is it Black Thursday Night?

Black Friday or Black Thursday Night?


As I’m sure everyone is aware, unless you are living under a rock, after you are finished stuffing your faces full of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and any other side dish you could possibly think of you rest up a little bit then get ready for the marathon of all marathons. I’m obviously talking about the crazy thing that is Black Friday.


Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, duh, where all stores get ready for the holidays and are supposedly giving you these fantastic deals for one day only. Not only is that a bunch of crap but so are most of the deals. And what happened to it being only on black Friday? It seems each year Black Friday is happening earlier and earlier meaning it’s not on Friday at all. This year I saw commercials and advertisements saying that doors open at 6p.m. THURSDAY. Uhhhh, no. Thursday is the day you get to be thankful for things, mainly food, and to just eat, watch football, maybe start decorating for Christmas if you’re into that kind of thing, hi that’s me, or just going into a food coma.


So dear stores, stop, please just stop. I know you really want customers to come in and spend all of their money on deals that really aren’t even that great or that they can find all through the holidays. Let Thursday be the day of eating a lot of food and just chilling out from our stressful lives and let Friday be the day that people go crazy and buy a bunch of things that they really probably don’t need but get it anyways because it’s a Black Friday deal and it’s the best thing they have ever seen.


So to reiterate, Thursday = food babies and FRIDAY= shopping for stupid things and dumb markdowns.


Happy Holidays

By: Breanne Solon

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