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I recently found myself in need of a new Netflix series to binge watch over Thanksgiving break. As I was scrolling through the Netflix produced shows, I saw a show named Black Mirror and remembered hearing about it on a podcast I listened to. The podcast, Flash Forward, gives different futuristic scenarios each week, ranging from birth control for men to the complete eradication of mosquitoes.  

I remember the host mentioning that if you enjoyed watching The Twilight Zone, you would enjoy Black Mirror, which gives a new and updated twist on what the future might hold for us. Because each show stands alone, I decided to begin watching from season three. The first episode “Nosedive”, takes us into a world where after each interaction, no matter how short or random, you give the person a rating. As usual, the better rating you have on social media the better you are treated.

Anything below a 3.5 is social suicide and anything above a 4.4 gets you the stardom you have always wanted. How do you receive this 4.4 and above rating? Simple, have popular friends, look attractive, be nice to people — even if they don’t deserve it, post pictures that you know will get a lot of likes. Wait… are we still talking about the show?

That’s what’s scary about “Nosedive”, with everyone putting every idea, thought and picture on social media, it’s hard not to compare your life with others. If you see a friend trying a new restaurant, you want to try something new and better so you know people will be talking about what you did over the weekend.

If you’ve ever watched The Twilight Zone, you know that creepy feeling you get at the end of each episode. The fear you start to develop once you begin thinking about the episode and what would happen if it all came true. As soon as I finished watching the 60-minute episode, I was a bit freaked out, and in all honestly wanted to quit social media right then and there. Social media is an awesome way to keep in contact with relatives and friends. This episode showed viewers that there is a fine line between keeping up with friends and becoming someone who is so obsessed with how you’ll be “rated”, that you’ll do anything to achieve it — even become someone you’re not.

Here is a quick look behind the scenes of Nosedive with creator and writer Charlie Brooker:  


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