Engagement: The Name of the Game

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When you mention social media marketing, often times the first thing people think of is promotion. They think of promoting their latest product or sale on their Twitter or Facebook account. Another thing people think of is how many likes their Facebook page has or how many followers they have on Twitter and Instagram.

While these things are important in terms of reach and who sees the content you post, they are more important in calculating your engagement.

Engagement on social media is the single most important thing that any brand, business, person, or entity can do. Engagement is simply when your target audience and followers interact with you via social media. They like and comment on your posts. They share your content with their friends and family. It is your job as a brand to create a space via social media to foster this kind of relationship with your audience.

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You goal is to create a dialogue between your brand and your audience. Co-Schedule (a content scheduling app) wrote about 30- ways to engage. One of the biggest ways to engage your audience is to have content for them to engage with. Your social media accounts will not serve their purpose if you are not diligent about posting NEW and RELEVANT content. Another big thing is to diversify your accounts. Chances are that your audience will follow you on multiple platforms, so don’t cookie-cutter content between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. Each account should have its own original content that fits within the overall brand image, but it is okay to cross post from time to time. Just don’t make too much of a habit of it.

Lastly, one big part of engaging with your audience is listening to them. Listen to their needs and questions and comments. Do not use cookie-cutter responses. Try to sound human, because no one wants to talk to a robot. Understand that people join social media communities to feel a sense of belonging and connecting with people. So the number one take-away is to be personable.



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