Enhance Your Brand With Your Career in Mind

by Tyler Hicks


Some professionals will tell you that social media is more of a road block than an elevator en route to your future career. My philosophy is that you can have your cake and eat it, too–why not reap the professional and personal benefits of social media and the web while working towards that dream job?

On that note, you’ve probably heard it from your coworker, friend, or the guy or gal you jam with on weekends: You need to think more about your personal brand. But what exactly does that mean? The word “brand” can be quite daunting in of itself, particularly when big-time creatives get paid big-time bucks to manage brands for big-time companies. But don’t worry; you’ve been building your personal brand for years, and now it’s about fine-tuning.

Every Instagram photo, blog post, and witty Facebook status contributes to the growing mountain of online content that defines who you are, and if that’s scary, never fear: We’re here to tell you about three simple ideas that, when put into practice, will make your online presence better in no time.

Create a portfolio

Whether you’re a writer, photographer, musician or stylist, you’ll need a one-stop shop to showcase your work. From WordPress to Wix and SquareSpace, there are dozens of reputable and easy-to-use websites to choose from that will do most of the work for you. Then, you just have to keep the site looking clean and always fresh with as much new content as possible.

Stay classy, but have fun

Don’t publish anything you wouldn’t want a future employer (or better yet, your mother) to see. However, you want to be yourself, and don’t feel the need to self-censor your art unless it absolutely calls for it. Be bold with your work, but always be smart about what you put online. You want your brand to make people think, but it should ultimately leave them with positive thoughts about you, the creator.

Consistency is Key

It all comes down to the little things. Having the same photograph as your profile picture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is one easy way to maintain consistency across platforms, but also be consistent in the types of content you’re publishing on the various social media accounts. Each platform as its purposes and strengths, but if your Instagram profile conveys one style and your Twitter profile conveys another, your brand will suffer from a lack of clear direction. Consistency is key on your blog and portfolio, too: Make sure the stream of content follows a clear artistic path and doesn’t stray from that vision too often.

So be bold with the work you show off the world, but always remember: Create classy consistency.

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