Fast Food

Social media has had a tremendous impact on the state of the fast food industry. While people are posting Instagram pictures of their healthy food and how dieting is the main contribution to their weight loss, where are all the posts about fast food? The posts haven’t gone away but they are mostly seen on more niche pages, usually called something to the tune of ‘Food Porn’. Even the name itself does not make much sense. If we choose to give the name a pass and analyze further, we see that these posts are only made to attract retweets and not to promote the actual fast food companies. With those posts aside, fast food is frowned upon on social media amidst all the posts of fit celebrities posing and training to look their best. A large majority of the posts about fast food are of people complaining about it. Whether there is a rat in your chicken or you didn’t get the right amount of honey on your biscuit, the complaints are coming to these companies’ twitter pages. Others find the complaints amusing which is even more of a nightmare to fast food companies. People might start making up incidents in exchange for retweets.


Companies like Taco Bell have shifted the focus from their food to their humor. The comedy from Taco Bell’s twitter account help to keep that chain relevant among millennials and have used their comedy to make it through the health foods trend. I have not eaten fast food in quite a while. Social media is not the sole reason for this but it has had an impact on my consumption of fast food. If I did decide to eat it, I would probably choose McDonald’s just because of the history behind it. If I’m going to eat fast food, I might as well go all out.

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