Instagram Stories, what’s next?

By Jomaris Santana

Yes, people! I’m writing about Instagram Stories again. Why? Well, they got a new update a few days ago. So, I thought, it could be a great idea keep writing about their new updates, benefits for the marketing industry, and how it could affect platforms as Snapchat?

So, at this time what’s new? The updated version of Instagram stories allows you to share your “stories” or “moments” individually as a “message” or let say as a “private notification” for each person you’re following. Basically, the same thing you could do with Snapchat. You can record a video or take a picture to uploading on your story, but also you could send it to a few or just one of the people you’re following.  Is that good news for Snapchat? Well, I don’t think so… For Instagram, Is this a good strategy?  I would say… yes! If we’re talking about marketing, I could say this new updated version of stories would allow businesses to have more engagement with the audience. At the same time, for the audience will be easily just following an Instagram profile and be able to watch stories without using Snapchat. Also, for businesses will be a cheapest way to do marketing, because Snapchat could cost a lot of money just for a simple campaign.

I’m wondering, what’s next with this Instagram Stories feature? Fun filters? Well, we don’t know, probably in two weeks we will be seeing something new or similar than Snapchat.

In the other hand, I think Snapchat should begin thinking in a great strategy to keep or get their audience back, because there’s a lot of people using Instagram stories more than Snapchat. To be honest, I’m one of these audiences that like to use Instagram stories, and I believe it’s an easy way to upload my stories, and for sure I’m not the only one thinking like that. This year 2016 has been a great year for Instagram and their new features. Let see what they have in store for the next year.


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