Jill Stein and the recount Green light

Wisconsin Road Sign

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By: Kidd Campbell


Who would have thought Jill Stein and the Green Party would have been the group of people to advocate for a recount vote as the last stand against a Donald Trump presidency. As of Friday November 25, the Green Party filed for an official vote recount in the state of Wisconsin. This comes just days after a report of statisticians coming out to tell the Clinton campaign that they should challenge the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania where the voter margins are within the margin of error. The Clinton campaign has now joined in the fight and they hope to get recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

This comes as America has watched the Trump administration plan their transition about as well as a middle schooler plans their book report, not at all. President Elect Trump is currently interviewing a revolving door of secretary of state candidates that the Republican led senate might allow into the position. Trump has already added a white supremacist, a racist, and a secretary of education with no experience with public schools or has an education degree to his cabinet.


Photo by: Paul Peralez

Many reports have come out saying that Trump did not even understand many of the duties of the president and was seen almost in a daze after meeting with President Obama for the first time.

The United States of America deserves a recount in order to make sure that a man who would hire a white supremacist to his cabinet is indeed the man we want in the most powerful office in the world. Since the results did come within the margin of error and Clinton has two million more votes than Trump, there should and will be a recount. Too much rides on the line not for there to be some form of recourse for the majority of voters to at least make sure that their candidate lost fair and square.


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