New Instagram Rollouts!

By: Kathryn Washington

Instagram has made some drastic changes to their platform. It has added some features similar to Snapchat and Facebook. In a way, they are plagiarizing by adding the same features Snapchat and Facebook already offer. This could potentially be a smart move for Instagram by making the platform a monopoly for social media. If the company continues to add features from other platforms unto theirs, there will be no need for the other social media platforms. Here are a few features Instagram has added within the past month.

A new feature Instagram has added is the notification of screenshots. Alike Snapchat, whenever you screenshot a Direct Message, the sender of that message will be notified. The notification will look like the picture below. Although many like to screenshot messages, you now have the ability to send that Direct Message through Message, Facebook, Twitter, or copy the URL link to send to someone. I think this new feature will decrease the number of people sending private information and pictures over their platform.



Another new rollout Instagram released is the addition of tags, links, and Boomerang in Instagram stories. Now when people add videos or photos to their stories, they can tag others or add clickable links to it. This is a nice benefit for companies or entrepreneurs who have a good following on the app. Also, you are able to add videos to your stories made with the Boomerang app. The app has been integrated into the story feature by adding a Boomerang button to replace the normal record button. Although the Boomerang video is only 1 second, its popularity has increased greatly over time. The company utilizes this new feature as a way to increase their engagement with the new stories feature on their app. I think over the time the user engagement for this feature will increase, but for now, those who use the Instagram stories will love it.






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