Small Businesses Making a Splash through Social Media

By: Nicolas Austin


Photo courtesy of: Entrepreneur 

The day after Black Friday is called Small Business Saturday, in which mom and pop stores set up shop by trying to sell what their stores has to offer. Usually on Black Friday, it is not hard to gather the attention of customers toward store promotions. On the other hand, Small Business Saturday has a lack of accumulating attention their way. Small businesses have to think like a big brand in order to drive customers into their doors. This is where social media comes in hand. If a small business has a social media account, they can set up strategies, which leads to tactics on how to achieve their objective of getting customers involve with their brand.

Creating a hashtag is a great tactic to use on a social media account for a small business. The hashtag #ShopSmall lets people know your business is not like the big brands that are more marketable across the globe. It lets people follow you, and become aware that your business specializes in a product that is not similar to other big brand. Along with a hashtag, you need to make sure the account page is up to date. Customers want to see the page is current, and is partaking in the holiday spirit. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great social media platform to promote small businesses. Posting videos, especially on Instagram, gives a glimpse to customers of what to expect in the holiday shopping experience. Videos of the store being decorated is very helpful, because it shows customers that you are on the same agenda of being as festive as they are. Customers like to see the stores in the holiday spirit. It puts an extra incentive when they are shopping inside.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Using pictures on your social media page for your small business, offers a chance of what your brand is trying to promote. For example, if a person sees a collage of photos, they are more likely to think to themselves of how that product can be helpful for them. Sending the collage of pictures to a news outlet can boost your brand by a longshot. People watch the news on a daily basis, and if they see your brand on television, they are more likely to visit your store.

Overall social media is an excellent method for promoting a small business. It allows small businesses to make a name for their brand instead of being swept underneath the rug during the holiday.


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