Snapchat to Facebook: Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

By Jonathan Joyner

Snapchat is the new cool kid in the social media sandbox. Snapchat is a phone app that lets you send pictures and videos with an expiration date and came on the scene in 2011. When something is cool or innovative, it will be imitated and sometimes blatantly copied. Nobody is more guilt of this than Facebook.


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Mean Girls (Paramount Pictures 2004)


In 2012, Facebook launched Poke and it was quickly buried along with Facebook Camera in mid 2014.  During this time, SnapChat turned down an estimated $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook to purchase the app and they declined the offer.

If you recall, Facebook in the past has purchased other companies and folded those that company’s services into Facebook. Friend Feed is basically the Facebook news feed and Gowalla’s data was used for Facebook places. In March of 2014, Facebook bough the virtual reality company, Oculus VR, for $2 billion. Probably the most notable purchase of Facebook’s was Instagram for $1 billion.

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Drawing inspiration from Snapchat’s expiring messages, Facebook tired schedule deletion posts. They also tested a feature in France where images and messages in their messenger app could be wiped away into empty bubbles. (KANTROWITZ) However, the feature hasn’t made it state side.

It’s obvious that Facebook wants Snapchat and if it can’t have it, it’s going to copy it. This year, Instagram stories were launch which bares more than a passing resemblance to Snapchat stories.  It continues again in the spring with Facebook Messenger codes which has an eerily similar vibe to is as the Snapchat codes. The imitation game continued this week when Facebook launched a very Snapchat like feature on Instagram. As of now, users will now be alerted by notification when a friend screen captures from a direct message.



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