Social Analytics & You

Just how can social analytics understand you? Have you fallen under the corporate trap?


Photo Credit: Koozai Anna of Flickr

Article by: Robert Warren

Social analytics is the analyzation of various behaviors across social platforms.  Tracking your behavior in the different networks allows for an analysis that can be used to target advertisements or reach out some business your way. The way you interact with sites shows how interested you are in the material which can go from being something you read to something you physically now own because someone had tracked that you kept revisiting a page on a certain clothing per say.

Social analytics is getting more advanced as time goes on and new technologies develop. Social analytics can deal with targeting advertisements to suit your personality. Social analytics is all around you. Social analytics is used to detect bots too. By detecting the amount and frequency of befriending and such analytics can be used to detect bots. On a completely different but separate note, “Facebook has created an analytics tool that is designed to show marketers and bot managers how people are reacting to their bots.”

Social analytics is something that can be used to understand customers, understand their interests and target your marketing to them. By tracking clicks and what emails potential customers open and such social analytics is a way that businesses can understand you. Take for instance you sign up for an email list, each email you open by seeing the subject line is something that could help a business understand your interests. There is also a question too, can basic social analytics get in the way of marketing? 

Analytics are very useful as social platforms such as Facebook can track how stories spread. The basic idea of complete privacy is pretty far-fetched with the analytics in the current generation. More and more people are becoming capable of doing social analytics too. In fact, even the Adobe Creative Cloud has added social media analytics to its package with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Having social media analytics all around you it would be a good idea to start looking into potentially utilizing some of the resources available. From the Adobe offering to Google Analytics there are several ways you can get analytical.