Social Media and Spoilers

Ryan Tatum

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Social Media and Spoilers

Before the time of the internet, spoilers were only an issue if you had that one asshat friend who saw a movie first and wanted to be the only one that got to experience the fun of something, let’s call that guy Jimmy.

Jimmy sucks.

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Now that we live in 2016 spoilers are everywhere, with nearly no escape. But Twitter finally has a solution. On November 15th, 2016 Twitter rolled out its “Muted Words” feature. Now you are able to select certain words, whether its hate speech, spoilers, or Jimmy who keeps liking every one of your tweets.

With new stories being told over new mediums, movies, TV shows, video games, ect, spoilers can be a serious threat to their respective industries. For example, if you waited all week to see an episode of the Walking Dead, only to have it spoiled for you on Twitter, many don’t even want to bother watching, because suspense if the entire point of that show.

Another example being the recently released Pokémon game: Sun and Moon. The marketing strategy for the game was to show off every other week new creatures and features, but MANY felt like this was spoiling the experience of the game. After all was said and done there were only a few new critters to find instead of the whole set of 70 new Pokémon.

Social media is evolving faster than any other platform, and so have our habits based around it. So problems like this frequently get overlooked not thinking about the long term effects it could have, like spoilers for the entertainment industry. As social media changes we should change with it and continue to put rules in place to prevents problems like this from happening.

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