The Mannequin Challenge: Why is This Even A Thing???

 The legendary, Paul McCartney, sharing his version of the mannequin challenge. Posted by The Fresh Toast.


Anyone who is anyone has seen, heard or even participated in the now globally famous Mannequin Challenge. Everyone from athletes, students, to musicians have contributed their talents to the challenge. Now how this challenge even originated or even became as popular as it is is beyond me. But everyone has some how become obsessed with acting like inanimate objects  for the satisfaction of others.

The anthem for the challenge was provided by the hip hop duo, Rae Sremmurd. The anthem, Black Beatles, is a tribute to the revolutionary rock band from England, The Beatles. The song sets the tone of the video as people create various stories from their non-moving actions.

Some individuals have gotten very creative with the challenge. Many of created full length short films and others have found ways to incorporate whole organizations to get involved in the video. So I guess the challenge isn’t all that bad.

The thing that I have a problem with is the fact that our society can find ways to get so fixated on pointless material that does nothing to further the progression of our country or our world! While we are over here pretending to be mannequins for a damn Facebook like, there are people  in places like Syria trying to stay alive every time they take a step outside of their front door.

Positives From the Challenge

Credit: Huffington Post


As I said earlier, there are some decent things that have come out of this challenge. I have seen several people use this platform to call for social and racial changes in our society. There have been a couple of videos done by former Vine actors that depict the injustices and controversies surrounding the killings of various black men by police officers over the last couple of months.

I can appreciate when individuals find a way to make something so trivial and meaningless into a powerful message!