The Mannequin Challenge. Why?

Here’s to another viral craze.

Planking was cool, like in 2010, then we had the Ice Bucket Challenge two years ago and now the Mannequin Challenge is sweeping across the Internet and social media. The Mannequin Challenge is a viral video featuring people imitating mannequins by freezing for the camera, while music plays in the background.

The anthem for the challenge was provided by the hip hop duo, Rae Sremmurd. The anthem, Black Beatles, is a tribute to the revolutionary rock band from England, The Beatles. The song sets the tone of the video as people create various mannequin-like poses. At a concert in Denver, the American hip hop duo acknowledged the challenge by telling the audience to remain completely still as they recorded their own Mannequin Challenge.

The craze has gone viral since the start of November and now thousands have posted their own videos online. Some individuals have gotten creative with the challenge. Many of them created full length short films and others have found ways to incorporate whole organizations to get involved in the video. So I guess you can say the challenge has become a tactic for businesses or companies to use to interact with their consumers.

Everyone from celebrities, athletes, students to musicians have contributed or participated in the challenge. Celebrities, such as Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift, and Blac Chyna are a part of the viral craze by posting their video on their Twitter accounts. Even sea lions and their trainers did the challenge.

Sea lion Mannequin Challenge

And, of course you can’t have a viral craze without Saturday Night Live making fun of it. Kristen Wiig hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, the cast and crew came together to create the latest internet craze, the mannequin challenge.

I don’t know how the challenge became viral or why, but it’s another fad that’ll become obsolete. It’ll be one of the many viral craze videos that’ll be out of date, like the Harlem Shake.

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