The need for better writing skills in the new age of social media

By: Joseph Osula

In this 21st century it now in high demand for one to be able to have good writing skills, no matter the job market you go to. I really do agree with the saying that most people don’t know, think or appreciate how important writing could be to them. I must admit I was part of these people who did not appreciate writing skills and was completely terrible at writing until I got into advertising. maxresdefaultHowever I have learned that good-writing skills is going to take some time. Learning that there is a process that you could take to be a good writer is really encouraging. I should also admit that most of the time I write, I find it hard to convey exactly what I mean. Fortunately I was taught a formula (subject + verb + object) to help me out every time I find myself in this situation. englishcompskillscertI think it was really great and insightful to know how short and declarative writing could be and that they have the most effect E.g. Pythagorean theorem: 24 words and the Lord’s Prayer: 66 words. To be honest I still cannot say for sure if I would enjoy writing in the future when I hopefully start working at an advertising agency. However I would say I do not hate writing anymore like I used too, therefore I think this is a good step in the right direction. Therefore I firmly believe if more young people take time out to learn good writing skills it would surely be a huge bonus for them in their professional carrier For example I have learn how to write really interesting taglines and content analysis in my quest to be a better writer in the new age of social media which further allows me to express my creative side and push my message in a short and precise manner. Finally I believe better learning and practicing by millennials is the only way to improve our writing skills.

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