Think Before You Post

Written by Jasmine Echols

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“The mistakes seen by the public eye may never go unseen again…”

Social media may be the source that helps bring a story to life, but it can also be the source that never lets a story die—at least not for awhile. Last week, Desiree may have angrily tweeted about a situation that happened between she and Josh. After time passed, she decides to forgive him, delete her tweets and move on. But has her tweet really gone away? On the other hand, Miles may have had a Facebook rant about his boss’s unfair treatment. He later decides to remove it, but was it too late?

The thing about social media is; it’s all fun and games until someone gets caught. What I mean is, things that are said on social media may turn around to haunt you later. Although you meant no harm, intentions can be hard to read. And once you post something online, it can be hard or nearly impossible to delete.

But in the heat of the moment, sometimes we don’t consider the consequences of our actions—or tweets, Facebook statuses, etc.—consequently, we may end up paying for those actions later. For example, Kaitlyn Walls was hired at a daycare and later fired after posting to her Facebook page that she doesn’t like ‘being around a lot of kids’. Another example includes this teen and several others who found themselves fired or in trouble because of their social media posts.

It’s important that we realize that social media is not the place to vent. Nothing ever goes away and venting can get you into trouble. It can be tempting to take our problems to social media but if we remember that social media isn’t the solution—nor does it have the solution to our problems, we can learn to think before we post.


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