Tom Herman takes the 40 acres.

Longhorns fire Charlie Strong, hire Tom Herman in an eventful Saturday in Austin.

By: Will Jenkins



The Texas Longhorns, one of the nation’s most prestigious and scrutinized college programs when it comes to the sport of football, have made a major coaching change. Charlie Strong, who was at the helm at UT for three years, was statistically the worst coach the school had ever had. But to the players and to the fans, it was more than just wins and losses with him. He was a coach that the players could look up to and really see as a father figure. He cleaned up a program at a time when it needed cleaning up. He established a great new way of doing things and a new order that the players respected and followed. Strong wasn’t shy to discipline when it was necessary, and even dismiss players from the team entirely when he felt it was the right thing to do. With all this being said, the people who pay his massive contracts and really run things surrounding Texas football were not getting the results they desired, so they felt a change was necessary.


In comes Tom Herman. Herman was previously the head coach of the up-and-coming University of Houston Cougars. He held a 22-5 record at Houston, and had a lot of statement wins for the program, including ones over Oklahoma and Louisville. Herman worked at Texas previously under Mack Brown, and he’s from the Lonestar state, so the job of head football coach at the University of Texas at Austin was somewhat of a dream come true for Herman. Social media, as is often does, blew up when Texas officially announced the firing of Strong and subsequent hiring of Herman. Some were in favor of the move, while some were wanting Strong to get one more year. In any matter, the board and athletic director felt this was the right move for the program, and now all we can do is sit back and anticipate how things will go when the Longhorns open up their 2017 season in the friendly (usually) confines of Daryl K Memorial stadium in Austin against the Terrapins from Maryland. Good riddance Coach Strong, good luck Coach Herman, and Hook Em Horns.



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