Twitter: The living room of America

Bria Graves

Since the birth of Twitter there have been many changes to our everyday entertainment life. We now don’t have to turn on the tv or radio to hear big news stories, we simply pull out our phones and check our Twitter Feed. To many people this is one of the best things about Twitter. We see this change when it comes to television shows as well. #TGIT (Thank God it’s Thursday) is a big hashtag/tv show following on Twitter. Fans of the three shows included in this hashtag get to watch this tv show while also discussing the current episode with other fans. As an avid Twitter user I will say this makes watching the show ten times better than it would watching it by myself and not talking about it with anybody. According to AdWeek Scandal had the top Twitter tv program loyalty and this had a lot to do with their use of Twitter. Twitter is also great for award shows. Engagement Lab gives us examples from the 2016 Golden Globes and how they used their Social Media platforms to get people talking about the show a week before. The evening of these shows marketers as well as fans come up with different hashtags to make the show more enjoyable. And it works.

In the near future I do believe almost every tv show will have hashtags on Twitter and eve Facebook discussions to gain attention to their show, which makes it more enjoyable for me and many fans over the world.

Photo Cred: Awesomely Luvvie

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