6 Archetypes for Marketing!


By: Collin Freeman



When marketing a brand, everyone asks the question of, “Who are we trying to reach out to and how are we going to try and reach them”?

Well the new arriving idea and possibly the best solution to these frequently asked questions would be Archetypes. An Archetype is essentially someone who others look up to, or want to be just like that said person.

The world is dominated by content, some say we are in an era of content overload. Look at how we have evolved over time technologically speaking, we are constantly on our phones jumping from one social media platform to another, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ect., and we all have those people we follow and think, “Man look at him/her, they really have their lives together, I wish I could be like them”.

So… companies like UEG (United Entertainment Group) have come up with 6 ideal archetypes that have influence and are gaining traction with their fans and have formulated a data base called Functional Intelligence plat form (f(IQ)). f(QI) taps influencers across social media channels and analyzes data for brands. The plat form analyzes reach, relevance, authority and accessibility with followers before combining it with the ROI for marketers.

There are six Archetypes that stood out


  1. The Well-Rounded Life
    1. It is no longer just about eating well or working out. Brands are increasing support for all around healthy life styles.
    2. Brands such as Banana Republic, Smart Water, Adidas, TAG Heuer are all jumping in on this.
    3. They took Hannah Bronfman and basically sponsored her so she could show her 333,000 followers on Instagram her 360- degree approach on a healthy lifestyle.


  1. The Team Player
    1. Groups of friends are starting squad like skit content focused on collaborating across channels making online comedy no longer a one man performance.
    2. Brands who are using this archetype are Coca-Cola, and Dunkin’ Donuts.
    3. At 18 million daily views Jake Paul and his team share comedic style content across many different plat forms.


  1. The Personal touch
    1. Marketers tend to want fashionable icons with their own identity and personality beyond a brand.
    2. Brands using this are ColourPop, Target, and GQ.
    3. With 1.3 million Instagram followers and 1.7 million YouTube subscribers Jenn Im’s Personality and fashion sense are hitting high marks.


  1. The Gaming Star
    1. Brands are starting to pick up esports players with immense qualities and followings.
    2. Brands picking up gamers are Slim Jim, Tinder, Red Bull.
    3. Matt Haag (aka Nadeshot) is viewed by 2.7 million YouTube subscribers and 1.9 million Twitter followers.


  1. The Quirky Cook
    1. Spicing up the kitchen experience in 2016
    2. Brands incorporated with this archetype are Barilla, Subaru, Dysh, and Hormel
    3. Rosanna Pansino’s flavorful sweets for geeks have earned her a massive following of 7.2 million on YouTube and on Instagram 2.1 million.


  1. The Adventurer
    1. Travels are influencing and creating lifetime stories that blend across journeys making traveling no longer just one trip.
    2. Brand associated are Marriott and Skype
    3. Jackson Harries’ story lines have helped about 35% of his 1.8 million Instagram followers stay married.

For Marketers content is everything and what better way to market content than to involve these influencing archetypes to help resonate information in a way that almost everyone with an idol or cell phone can relate to?



The Five Content Archetypes

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