Tips for a Great Social Media Presence

By: Meredith Erikson

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In public relations today, social media has become such a large tactic for many different reasons. It allows for a more personal engagement with your public, it spreads key messages faster, and broadens the extent of your organization. Social media is a platform for your brand or organization’s originality to be displayed to the public. However, social media isn’t as easy as it sounds-there are tactics involved that help create an outstanding social media presence.

To better understand an organization that you are interested in or may have just been hired for, one of the best ways to do so is to analyze their social media presence. How is their engagement with their followers? How do they handle concerns and complaints? You can tell a lot about an organization based on whether or not they have positive and strategic engagement. Engagement is considered to be one of the most important social media metrics, especially for Twitter and Facebook. Impressions will wow your boss. Be careful not to confuse interaction with “likes” though. Having a lot of likes on a post is not nearly as important as the conversations and interactions you’re having with your followers. “Again, numbers like shares, likes, favorites, etc. are great to brag about – and they are informative to an extent,” says TheNextWeb.

Which network is engagement the most important? Trick question, they are all equally important. While Facebook or Twitter may be your biggest audience, don’t ignore your followers on your other networks too. There is the misconception that your brand needs to be on every social media platform. Use what will work best for your brand because not every platform will cater to the audience you are trying to reach.

Social media metrics matter. They add value to what your organization is trying to do. According to Dominique Jackson on SproutSocial, “analyzing your social media performance metrics and statistics is important for every business. These reports can help you determine where to focus your energy when it comes to specific social media networks. More than tracking followers and engagement, they will show you which networks ultimately help your bottom line.” It is important to act on your metrics, otherwise you cannot see growth or change in your organization.


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