Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’s Famous Last (Four) Words




By: Thalia Molina

If you are an avid Gilmore Girls fan then you know exactly where this is headed by simply reading the blog title. We waited a long time for our favorite Stars Hollow residents to come back to our TV screens. In fact, we waited for 9 long, hard years for our dreams of being able to see our favorite mother-daughter duo back in action come true. We got lucky when our wildest hopes were answered, but are we satisfied?

The Gilmore Girls reboot has been a huge topic of conversation for the last couple of months and the anticipated November 25th release was epic, but why aren’t we satisfied? Because Amy-Sherman Palladino has decided to play with our emotional heartstrings and rip them right out of us, that’s why! Before you start thinking I’m overreacting or simply just being dramatic you have to understand that I’m not the only one feeling this way.. Thousands of fans are turning to social media to express their emotional unstableness after watching all four 90 minute episodes and finally discovering Palladino’s infamous last words for two of our favorite characters in television.



Amy Sherman-Palladino reveled in the opportunity to bring Gilmore Girls back to life one last time as she had often-times mentioned the dissatisfaction she felt about the series finale back in ’07. She has always been vocal about the fact that she always knew she wanted the show to end with a specific set of four words, but never got the opportunity to make it happen as she left the show shy of the 7th season back in the day. When watching the reboot it was obvious that the characters in the show had changed. They weren’t the exact same lovable characters that left us in 2007. Of course they were going to be different, they had aged 9 years for God’s sake! The reboot has proven to surface a whirlwind of emotions but not always positive ones in regards to the famous last words. I do not want to spoil it for anyone but one thing’s for sure… Gilmore Girls: A Day In The Life has been a huge topic of discussion in all social media platforms for the last couple of days. Facebook, Twitter, you name it… A week later, Gilmore Girls, and those last four words are still causing a raucous in the social media world. I encourage you to watch the series reboot and see for yourself. Did you hate or love the ending?



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