Wrap up

What I learned in Strategic Social Media.


Throughout this semester I have learned a lot valuable information in this course. Strategic Social Media has given me many useful skills that I can apply not only in my everyday life but in my future career. In this blog I will discuss many of the things I have learned throughout the semester.

In class we covered LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking tool for the professional world. During class I learned how to best  utilize LinkedIn to my advantage. I now know the proper protocol and manner in which to conduct my LinkedIn account. This is a valuable skill that will propel my marketability for future job openings.

During Strategic Social Media we had to participate in four Tweetchats. Tweetchats are an easy way to communicate and participate in dialogues with peers and authority figures about common topics. Tweetchats can be especially useful to communicate about different business trips and strategies.

Analytics are an extremely valuable tool. During this course we learned how to best utilize them to successfully conduct business. I also learned the dos and dont’s  of conducting analytics. This will help me immensely in my future career

I also learned important tools to present myself well during interviews. I learned the type of skills needed to not only to get a job but to succeed in one. This is perhaps one of the most valuable skills learned in Strategic Social Media.

Lastly, in this course I learned how to create and generate content in a manner that best markets a business. I learned how to create and execute a plan to successfully market a business on social media.

Social media has become such an important factor in the success of brands and companies. Strategic Social Media has given me the skills and tools I need to tackle to modern day workforce with confidence.

-Lauren Abraham

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My name is Lauren Abraham I am a senior majoring in public relations at the University of North Texas. I was born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas. My public relations skill set includes, writing, planning, organizing, researching, communicating efficiently, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and working with all the Microsoft word branches. I believe I would enjoy a career in human resources, communications or public relations. In the future I plan to apply my public relations skills to law school. The skills learned through my public relation major will be valuable in my future career as an attorney.