TrendRank The Super Analytic

By, Collin Freeman


popsugar-trending-report-hed-2016TrendRank The Super Analytic


Imagine a social media world where one can know what trending before it the topic even becomes popular!

Well PopSugar, a media company with Silicon Valley roots, embraced an idea that arose out oh a hackathon. TrendRank which at its core is an analytic tool that analyzes 12 million data points a day, and every thirty minutes checks hundreds of publishers to analyze their last 250 posts. From there it extracts the topics and records the number of engagements. The main difference between this tool and all the other analytics is one simple concept, acceleration.



TrendRank, helps brands to see if/when people are writing about topics and if those articles even have the chance of becoming popular, based on measuring the subsequent engagement of the published content. This analytic tool allows the users to “Zero in on what the audience is talking about”.


At its origin, this tool was powered by Watson, IBM’s super computer, since then PopSugar has created an algorithm to enhance the “brains” of TrendRank via the accumulation of data.


Essentially this SUPER analytic tool surpasses any other tool by being able to predict what is going to be trending instead of what has been trending the past three days. With this brands can get in front of all the noise, instead of riding on it’s back!


TrendRank is not being released to the public just yet, instead it is mostly being used by PopSugar and it’s staff. Chris George states, “Intention is to roll out to brand partners and our content creation side.” Looks like allies of the infamous PopSugar will be among the lucky ones to have a chance to test drive this super tool.


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