Apple and (Lack of) Social Media

Written By: Cassandra Deakin

Apple is one of the most successful technology companies in the world. They can charge $1,000+ for a laptop, simply because it has their logo on it. Even if you aren’t an Apple person (I’m not), you cannot dispute the fact that they’re insanely successful. There are people who are constantly waiting with baited breath for the newest iPhone to throw their money at. Something that is surprising, however, is their lack of social media presence.

Apple’s Twitter account has 691K followers. While that number is impressive, and expected of a company of Apple’s size and popularity, they number of tweets they have is shocking: 0. None. Zip. The Apple Twitter account has never tweeted. Their Facebook has the same issue: zero posts.

Photo: Apple 

Apple is at the front of the technology race so you would think that Apple would embrace the concept of social media, however, this is not the case. So why bother having the accounts? According to Business Insider, Apple uses these accounts to buy advertisements for the latest products, such as the iPhone 7and Apple Watch. Apple is taking advantage of advertising tools to promote posts that don’t show up on the main account’s feed. Of course, this backfired on them a couple of months ago when their Twitter account leaked information about the iPhone 7 before the official event.

While promoting your products is certainly logical, Apple is missing out on a huge advantage of social media. People enjoy following their favorite brands on social media, they enjoy sharing and receiving content about them. Brands can earn a lot of loyalty and brand advocates when they have a strong online persona. Apple is missing out on that. In addition, they could be sharing information about product issues and fixes. Most of that information is found on their website or on Apple enthusiast sites, which most people aren’t going to sift through.

According to Business Insider, Apple has a separate account for Apple Support, but even it doesn’t always contain the information it should.

In short, if Apple is to remain a strong technological giant, they need to embrace the power of social media.

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