Consumers and Video Content

By: Jennifer Becan

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Video is big today. You see that in Facebook pushing live videos and platforms like Snapchat and Instagram with stories. With this in mind, it’s essential for advertisers and companies to know what consumers want from video content.

In an article by Adweek, author, Carrie Cummings, explains “to help both creators and advertisers make the most of their video dollars, Accenture Interactive surveyed more than 1,000 consumers about their content preferences, habits and attitudes.” Their results are put into an easy-to-read infographic in the article, and a lot of insight can be drawn from it.

For example, 67% of consumers “choose to engage with videos for entertainment.” This should tell advertisers they need to create videos that have some sort of value to the viewer. They need to be interesting and entertaining. What would make you want to watch a video put out by a brand?

Another striking statistic I found in the infographic is that “84% of all marketing communications is predicted to be visual by 2018.”


If that’s not a crucial fact to keep in mind I don’t know what is. If 84% of communications is predicted to be visual/video by 2018, advertisers need to be mastering it now. They need to get inside the consumers’ heads and see what they find valuable. They need to find out what works. If not, they’ll fall behind in the visual game.

If that’s not enough reason to convince you video is important, Eric Hinson included this fact in his article on content marketing: “adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by up to 53x.”

Video marketing is clearly a huge deal. It’s valuable to consumers and it can boost your page in Google’s results. So learn about video. It’s important. Okay, cool.

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