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By Blanca Reyes

Bullying is nothing new. If we ask people a big percent would say that in certain point in their lives were bullied in one way or another. However, bullying is a hot topic. It seems like it is reaching unimaginable levels. This perception is not wrong at all. Although bullying has existed for many, many years. Nowadays, social media has worsened this problem.

But, what exactly is cyberbullying? It can be defined as posting negative comments on others pictures, posting abusive posts on a user’s wall, using pictures or videos to make fun of another user, using social media to stalk and hacking an account or fraudulently making posts as though another wrote them.

In the past, bullying occurred in specific places like schools, neighborhoods or work places, now, bullies use these platforms to intimidate, harass, shame or control their victims anytime and anywhere. Bullying, nowadays, seems like it has no borders.

Sometimes people underestimate the consequences of this kind arrestment, but cyberbullying is rising at an alarming rate. According to a study 90 percent of teenagers have witnessed a percent being mean to another in social media, and 95 percent of them have accepted that they just ignored it.

Although teenagers are a big part of the population who suffer and do bullying, they are not the only one. In the past months, we have witnessed how the president- elect, Donald Trump, has used social media, especially Twitter, to mock many of their political opponents.

Trump is infamous for using Twitter to offend, make fun and attack people who do not support him. Journalists, commentators, politicians, women, among others, have been his victims. It has been so shocking that has compiled the most offensive tweets of Trump.

As we can see, bullies use social media to humiliate their victims of any age from anywhere. That’s why it is important not to ignore it, not to accept it and to help the victims. If you are a victim or know someone who is, you can find helpful tips at the The most important thing is to be respectful with each other and demand the same for everybody else.







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