Do you really know what you’re downloading on your phone?

Many times we exit out of pop up downloads on our phones. But some of us click agree quickly, just to get the ad off the screen. What did you click agree to?

thIPHG5CGA.jpgRecently Android had nearly one million of its phone users hacked. Android has been having a tough time lately with phones bursting into flames sporadically. This is just the cherry on top of the sundae. According to CNN( “hackers have gained access to more than 1.3 million Google accounts — emails, photos, documents and more — by infecting Android phones through illegitimate apps.”

Google created a checkpoint for android users to check and see if their phones were clear of any malware.

Many officials that deal with these technical problems, suggest caution when downloading/creating accounts.

Another example of technological security breaches is the Indian app Modi, that was hacked. According to (–1.htmlth2LFYRFON.jpgJaved Khatri, was a 22-year-old, who claimed he had hacked the Narendra Modi app.  It took only 15-20 minutes to hack the app. He hacked the Twitter accounts of Rahul Gandhi and the Indian National Congress.

In the future pay attention to the apps you download, what company they are with etc. It will help protect your information to many technological accounts.


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