Dog Lovers – Don’t Read This One (unless you want a broken heart.)

It’s the news that’s most likely been all over your Facebook or Twitter feeds.


This is two-year-old German Shepherd puppy Zuzu, now better known as the shelter dog that watched her former family come in and attempt to adopt another dog over her after she was taken to the LA county shelter after having ran away.

NWfrGB4 - Imgur.gif

When her former owners showed up at the shelter, she was extremely happy and excited. But according to them, they didn’t want her because she was “crying too much” after the death of her father. 

Some people still to this day can surprise us with the lack of compassion and care that they lack sometimes. I can’t imagine giving an animal up for a reason like this, especially when she’s as sweet as Zuzu seems to be.

Luckily with all of the press this has gotten, especially on Facebook, it seems that a rescue group will be taking her in. Also, the idiots that treated her as disposable have been pretty much barred from the LA county shelter after it was made clear that they treat animals this way.

It goes to show that social media plays a huge part in terms of finding justice for people, animals, etc. People that are cruel to animals, including disposing of them just because they got sick of them, etc., should be held accountable and shouldn’t be allowed to have animals, and I think that this is an instance of social media making that be a concrete thing for these certain individuals at least. And also, it has given renewed hope for Zuzu who is only a young dog and doesn’t deserve this type of treatment. Hopefully, she is given a new home with a family that cares for her, unlike her former home.

(Brb, moving to LA so I can adopt Zuzu myself.)


By: Sofie Milton

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