Engaging the Audience on Social Media

By: Nicolas Austin


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Engagement is where it is at for social media. Interacting with the audience can make the brand look good, and gather more followers. Engagement consist mostly of likes and reach. You want to make sure your audience likes your post, and follow it up by sharing your post. Sharing your post will allow your brand to flourish and reach out to a larger audience. But in order for that to happen, the brand has to take the initiative to interact with the audience on social media with tactics that will make the goal of the brand achievable.

On way of getting an audience to clickthrough onto a site’s page is by having videos of what you are trying to promote on your social media page. A video shows a vivid idea of what the brand is all about. A live-streaming video is interesting because it’s a creative way to interact with an audience through Q&A sessions. Answering the questions from an audience shows them that you care about their opinions and thoughts toward the brand. You can also create a promotion out of the sessions by offering them a prize for joining the live stream. Tagging followers in your posts is another way for an audience to see that you care about what they have to say. Recognition makes a person feel special. When a follower provides feedback, it’s a good idea to respond back with a positive message that shouts them out for their opinion about a product or the brand as an entirety.

After making tactics in order to get more engagement, a brand has to check to see if the result is positive. “If you want to see tactics to get more engagement, a brand has to check to see if the result is positive. “If you want to see the best ROI for your social media efforts, you need to apply a customer service strategy to it” (Henwood 2016). ROI, return on investment, allows a brand to look on social media, and see if people are talking about their company in a positive or negative way. Looking at ROI can help a brand improve their image. It tells them what they need to work on and what they have done so far.


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