Ford Uses “King of Snapchat” To Reach Millenials

By Mary M. Murphy 

Ford Motor Inc. recently utilized social media to revealed their new EcoSport SUV, which goes on the market in 2018. When DJ Khaled revealed the Ford EcoSport on his Snapchat story, it was the first time that a car company used Snapchat to unveil a car. That’s right – Ford signed DJ Khaled (or as AdWeek calls him, the “king of Snapchat”) to promote their new EcoSport (pronounced “echo”, short for ecosystem) on Snapchat.

In my opinion, this partnership with Khaled is brilliant. DJ Khaled is an extensive user of Snapchat, which has grown into a huge social media platform. Snap Inc., the Snapchat company is valued at $30 billion, according to the New York Times. It’s more popular than Pinterest and Twitter. Best of all, millennials account for seven out of ten Snapchat users, and 60% of their users are 13 to 24 years old. This makes Snapchat the perfect platform for companies to use if they want to reach millenials.

According to Fortune, one of Ford’s main target markets for the EcoSport is the millenial. This was obvious at their pop-up event in Hollywood, where the car company displayed signs with social media messages, featured a minizoo of tiny animals and a tinyhome, and had DJ Khaled introduce the car on Snapchat.

DJ Khaled poses in front of the Ford EcoSport at Ford Motor Inc.’s Hollywood pop-up event.

DJ Khaled is a successful DJ-producer who is well known for his motivational Snapchat messages. Many millennials follow him on Snapchat for his daily inspiration and funny snaps, even if they aren’t following his music endeavors. According to AdWeek, Khaled currently has 6 million followers on Snapchat. His big personality and extensive Snapchat audience makes him the perfect spokesperson for the Ford EcoSport “Go Small, Live Big” campaign.

According to AdWeek, this campaign is designed to showcase the EcoSport as Ford’s small SUV that has a big personality for those who “live big” like DJ Khaled. Ford’s campaign also emphasizes that the EcoSport will help the driver experience life the way they want, which is an inspirational message much like the ones Khaled shares in his snaps.

In the past, Khaled has influenced popular culture with his catchphrases such as “anotha’ one”, “major key”, and the signature “DJ Khaled” echo at the beginning of his songs. It will be interesting to see if Ford can succeed in using Khaled’s Snapchat presence to influence millenials to live big and buy the Ford EcoSport.

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