“I’m a small business owner, we don’t have a social media presence. Is it necessary?”

By: Janece Dixon


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Currently in my Digital Retailing Strategies class we were given the task to help a small business owner integrate digital aspects into her business. She owned a bridal gown store that specialized in reconstruction. She didn’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. She had a Instagram that was completely different than the name of her salon, not to mention it hadn’t been updated in a long time. We had a lot of work to do. Was it necessary for her to go social?

In 2016 I believe it’s necessary for small businesses to utilize social media. Using these platforms will allow you to find your target audience and analyze their needs, wants, complaints etc. Although it is necessary to have a presence on social you do NOT have to utilize every single channel. Before creating a voice on these platforms it is essential to know what platforms project your brand best, and where your consumers are spending their time.


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Our first task for White Gown Workroom was to decide what social channels was necessary for her business to utilize. Depending on your goals and audience, channels may vary. When looking at the target consumer for her bridal studio, we found it most necessary for her to utilize Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We decided on Pinterest because it is the number one channel for brides and women as a whole. Here is where brides post inspiration and bridal ideas before they even get to planning the wedding. Pinterest would be essential for making an initial impression of the White Gown Work Room.

The next channel we decided to utilize was Facebook. Here on facebook consumers can “like” you page, leave reviews and post check-ins. Here the small business can track reviews and get consumer opinions. Because the other two channels focused on are Pinterest and Instagram it would be necessary to make Facebook the channel for engagement. WGW can use Facebook to monitor and engage with consumer questions, compliments and complaints.

The last channel necessary for use is Instagram. Similar to Pinterest, Instagram offers a visual appeal. This could be used as a portfolio. Here WGW will make sure the page is aesthetically pleasing and offers a showcase of her reconstructive work. After utilizing the three channels it is most necessary to create a handle that is easy to find and identical across all platforms, i.e WhiteGownWorkroomDallas.

When taking a leap and joining social media for business make sure you know where your consumers spend their time on social. Know your strategies on social, and what channels can execute your goals best. Let me know what channels are primary for YOUR business and why. Use the hashtag #UNTJ4270 to chat and mention me @janecedixon!

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