Mourning of a Sport

by: Paula Colli

Sports have been known to bring rivalry, but to also bring unity. As many of you have heard the majority of the first division, Brazilian soccer team tragically died in a plan accident. Brazilian football club commonly known as Chapecoense is a based in the city of Chapeco in Santa Catarina with humble soccer players who started as the underdogs, fourth division team who through dedication became finalist of the 2016 Copa Sudamericana.


Besides the torment and pain this situation brings, I loved seeing the support of many people around the world. We at times forget how beautiful and precious life truly is and then things like this happen and we have to take a moment and think. Here I was, like many others, in tears over some people who I never met, who I had honestly never heard of before, but who touched my soul.

I don’t mean to make this a sad blog, I just wanted to highlight how good humanity can be. Here we were through social media expressing our condolences to the families, to successful players who have offered to play for this team without receiving a single dime, a rival team who made the Chapecoense team the Sudamericana Championship.


Those players are an example of success and dedication, humble men who were chasing their dreams. I do not know what could have happened if they have made it to the field, what I do know is that they would have fought for their win.

I was moved to see a stadium join together to mourn and pay respects to these deserving human beings, it was nice to see people join together, to see sadness and strength encompassed in one. I want to say I am proud to see the light and soul of humanity, even if it is just behind a screen.

Let’s live life and enjoy our loved ones, we never know when life is going to happen.

May your souls Rest in Peace.



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