NFL Changing Their Social Media Policy

By Tyler Plato

If you are a fan of football, which almost everybody in Texas is, then you know that the NFL doesn’t allow the teams to post videos of the game on social media during the game. It got to a point where the teams were posting videos of stick figures showing that they just got a touchdown or they got an interception. They weren’t even allowed to post a video of a touchdown celebration, even though everybody with a cell phone would, or they would get fined. Well, with the backlash from the fans, they have decided to change their policy again.

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Now the teams can post videos of touchdown celebrations, but still can’t post a video of that person running in for a touchdown or any in-game footage. They can post photos from the sidelines, of the fans and so on on social media and they are allowed to post a few videos of the game on Snapchat.

This may not seem like much, but it is big step. I bet in the future they will allow the teams to post videos, not of the entire game, of certain plays that are jaw dropping. I also see the NFL some how making a way for you to pay to watch the game on a social media platform such as Facebook. You can already live stream a game on Twitter for free, only for Thursday Night games though, but I can see them changing the policy on that to where you have to pay something to watch it.

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The NFL’s TV ratings have been down recently and I believe that them changing this policy might have something to do with that. They are doing everything they can to get those ratings up and I believe that this is a good first step to get people watching the games on TV again. But on the other hand, everything is moving to social media. So they might take a little loss on ratings and start streaming on more social media platforms to get those people who stopped watching the games start to watch the games again.


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