On Nation Under Twitter

By Myles Mwamba


This past week on social media our newly elected president, Donald Trump, took to Twitter to give us an agenda to what will happen during his tenure. This is a subject I spoke on in another blog post to kind of see how the leader of the free world would behave given his track record on Twitter. I said this because the numbers have showed that Twitter was a big part in how Trump received votes from his audience.

Looks as if he will continue to djt_headshot_v2demand a presence on social media. This election we saw Twitter become a new tool to help candidates either gain an advantage or lose grown. Now, that Trump used the platform to grow closer to his people, it looks as if he will continue you to do so his whole presidency with his resent posts. This may be the first time we get live updates and won’t have to wait for word from the White House. This may change the dynamic of the commander and chief of the United States of America all together. Will the president lose its scene of censorship through this one term? Will secrecy still be a thing once Trump is out of office? These are things we must watch as President Trump continues to show us he won’t ease up on social media.





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