Snapchat Stories

By: Jessica Donaldson


Snapchat stories came on the scene within the last few years and they have become a major source of content on social media. The feature allows you to post snaps that everyone who added you can see, but they only stay posted for 24 hours before vanishing.

Almost everyone I know uses snap stories to keep their friends updated on their daily life, to rant about whatever is on their mind, or just to post pictures and videos without the commitment of posting them on a more permanent platform like Instagram or Facebook. Celebrities use snap stories to give their fans insight into their lives as well.

Recently snapchat started to put ads on the ends of some snap stories which is a smart way to advertise because they will just automatically play and people that view them don’t always realize that it’s an ad and not the snap story they were watching anymore.

Snap stories are an entertaining form of social media, and they are a lot more raw and real than most content you see because people don’t tend to put as much thought into the temporary posts as they would a tweet or an Instagram caption.

Personally, I love using snap stories for myself because you can save your stories to your phone and then all your pictures and videos of the day will be together in one video so I can keep track of all the fun memories more easily. It’s also nice that they disappear after a day and you always have the option to delete them if necessary because sometimes you end up posting things you don’t want to remember.

Snap stories are a revolutionary form of social media in my opinion. They make celebrities and brands more accessible. A Lot of people and can be made to feel like they have a bond with a celebrity or brand from viewing their stories because it makes them seem more normal and down to earth. I think they are going to be around for a long time.

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