Tasty or Tipsy Bartender Take Over

by Meredith Redfern

I’ve noticed lately while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed that the majority of my feed is videos. Some are funny home videos, others are news videos, but the majority of the videos are shared are either from Tasty or Tipsy Bartender. Now, the shared Tipsy Bartender videos could be more common because most of my friends are college-aged alcoholics that like to know how to properly mix their drinks.

Now, I’m not complaining that I get to see videos of how to make fun drinks or delicious food every time I log on to Facebook, but videos are taking over Facebook. It slowly started out with the homemade video of people having fun with their friends, but now it has become a business. Tipsy Bartender has a large following and they spend their days recording videos to post on social media. They have even moved their videos over to Instagram too.


Tasty also spends their day making videos and sharing them to Facebook to show how easy a recipe can be. It’s great for inspiration of what to cook for dinner and most ingredients can be found in the average pantry. I will say that I’ve tried a few of the different recipes they’ve shared and it comes out just as tasty as it looks in the video.


Just like Tipsy Bartender, Tasty has expanded on to other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. They even have a cookbook. Tasty and Tipsy Bartender are just the beginning to Facebook videos become a business. With the rise of virtual reality, some believe that Facebook will become all video in the next five years. Between the constant sharing of videos, GIFs, and pictures, it is a possibility that text will disappear and the new Facebook will only include videos. But time will tell, and until then, I will continue to watch my Tipsy Bartender and Tasty videos.


Featured Photo: PDevice.com


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