The Church and Social Media


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How is one of the longest standing establishments coming into the 21st century world of social media? Churches have been using social media to draw their congregations together for years. One of the most hesitant to conform to this social standard of social media is the Catholic church.

By not participating in social media for so long, the Catholic church is missing out on important community involvement like event postings on Facebook, answering questions of parishioners on Twitter, or posting pictures of community events like baptisms on Instagram. Recently  religious sisters in Montreal have embraced technology and the social realm of religion to bring their community closer together.

The sisters are using their platforms to educate people on social issues. Sisters say “we’re no longer in school teaching” so they use YouTube and other social media forms to teach the world their  stances on issues like women’s rights and refugee issues. The sisters in Montreal are using Skype to teach other sisters about their order and their mission. They are also using YouTube to interview sisters about their values and sharing them with the public.

Allowing themselves to open up to people through social media has broadened their views on social issues. Though they keep strict stances on sexuality and sin, the sisters have opened up their social presence to accept others and speak out against issues that are important to them like feminist issues and speaking out against violence.

The sisters are using social media to educate more people about their values and open-mindedness.

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