The Plague of Irrationality


Juan P Munoz


Jour 4270

recently I’ve noticed how impactful social media can be. More specifically, twitter. This year’s election handed us the most controversial political figure in U.S history, but how does social media have to do with the election? I read a book called ” Predictably Irrationally“, while the book had nothing to do with politics or social media, it did teach me about irrationality and how vulnerable we are to it.

In a chapter about sexual arousal, and I know what you’re thinking. Sexual arousal? what kind of book did you read? Well for your information, it’s a book about economics, go figure! Putting all sexual things aside, that chapter taught me a more conceptual aspect of intense emotions. Like the majority of the book, Dan Ariely, the Author and Behavioral Economist, formated his chapters after various experiments, a couple of them per chapter. The chapter about sexual arousal was about what it took for a rational human being to become irrTOPSHOT-US-VOTE-REPUBLICAN-TRUMP-PROTESTational using sexual arousal as a factor. All in all, he got his test subjects, male and female, to answer question before and after being sexual aroused. Astonishly, there was a huge spike in irrational decision making.

So what does that have to do with politics and Social media?

While sexual arousal might not be an emotion, it sure causes intense emotion, strong enough to make irrational decisions. This past election was filled with intense emotions that lead to electing a irrational president.

How did that come about?
This is where social media comes in. Twitter has the amazing ability to connect you with about almost anybody. Donald Trump used this as his medium to activate intense emotions of hate, anger, and more hate. Donald Trump used the intense emtion of a rational human being blinded them with false promises of a greater America, blaming all of America’s problems on immigrants and the poor. He used Twitter as ground zero as he began his plague of ingrorance and irrationality to fool America in helping him become president.


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