Using Social for Business

by Sam Morrow

Whesmall-business-social-mediather big or small, the business world is continuing to grow and advance as the world around them does the same. In this respect owning and operating a business is now intertwined with utilizing social media as a marketing technique.

Now there is still the question as if social media is truly a useful tool as a business owner or if it an unnecessary expense. However there some overarching benefits that help the shadow of doubt disappear. For example, using social media as a marketing tool can help gain some important customer insights. People are not afraid to hide behind their screens to complain and they will do so. Whether their commentary is good or bad any feedback can be built upon. Business can poll what their costumers like about their product and service by monitoring mentions or doing polls. Another benefit is that a business can increase their brand awareness and loyalty. People will purchase from the company that they remember the name of. With posting on social media every day, gaining new followers and showing up on people’s newsfeed a business can put their name into homes and make people remember them.

Businesses ultimately have to remember that social media for a business is not the same as for personal use. With this being said it is not wise for a company to focus on every platform out there. When deciding on what channels to use there on several tips to keep in mind. For example, a business needs to self-evaluate on where their audience will be on social media. If they service a younger crowd then Twitter is where they need to focus. However, if the business is more geared toward other businesses or a professional crowd then LinkedIn is where they should focus.

Owning a business is becoming more and more of who can use social and the Internet to their advantage. Those who can master social will be able to make their business last.

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