Does Your Social Media Attitude Matter?

By Sarah Lagro

Ever since high school I’ve gotten the same song and dance from my teachers coworkers: “Employers check your social media!” Since websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even MySpace had become so “essential” to society, I can see why they would. People say things and post things online they wouldn’t even have the guts to do in person. Nowadays the way people act online is taken at face value and as a reflection of who they are. (As it should) But how much does your online persona influence peoples’ opinions of you?


When you apply to a job, the manager or supervisor will most likely screen your social media. The majority of them will probably reconsider your employment chances if you post about your drug/alcohol use or share anything sexual. Poor grammar and political affiliation are other potential negatives as well. But posting about volunteer work or family will leave your potential employer with a better impression of you. If you stop posting selfies of yourself doing a nude keg stands, you’ll most likely be fine.

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