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by: Brandy Walker

Read this before you take a Facebook quiz againPhoto Credit: KimKomando.com


Despite how tempting it is to know who your future spouse will be, or which Kardashian you have more in common with, you may want to avoid taking online Facebook Quizzes. While some Facebook quizzes may be purely innocent and for entertainment purposes, others may be trying to find ways to gather personal information from you.

There are many different ways that people with ill intentions can try to take to take advantage of you. Scammers could be using techniques like credit card fraud, like farming or good old fashioned malware.

You should always be very skeptical if you take a quiz, and you are asked to provide personal information such as your credit card or banking information. You should never have to release this type of information just for the sake of participating in an online quiz.

According to “America’s Digital Goddess,” Kim Komando, “Quizzes are often used in a scam called “Like Farming,” where scammers create a piece of click-worthy content, then swap it out for something else once the post has gone viral.” The terminology “like farming” was new for me. According to an article by Consumer Affairs, scammers tend to lure people in by appealing to their emotions. 

Lastly, malware is best described as when certain websites have hidden software encoded on their page that could possibly contain viruses and other harmful material. There is usually no way to determine this until it’s too late.

So what should you do to avoid the dangers that come with taking online quizzes? You should start by making sure that your privacy settings are set up properly. You should also be leery when you are being asked for information that you wouldn’t want to share the whole world. If all else fails, it’s better to simply avoid taking a Facebook quiz that seems fishy…trust your instinct.


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