An ad-free social network? It’s called Ello!

Ello is an online social networking platform that is ad-free, yay! Created in 2014 but has recently revamped to compete in the online social industry. From the beginning when first created by Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger, they had a vision that it would be a mix between Tumblr and Twitter. This means that users can post photos, meaningful writing pieces and mention people that will show up on the others and your profile. One tool that Ello added to their platform is Google Analytics. This will help Ello with their user data because it is an ad free networking platform. By using Google Analytics, Ello will get the user information from a third party like Google Analytics to track their users.  

You are probably thinking how can I like and share posts? With Ello, there is no “like” button and or sharing. Instead of liking a post, users will “love” a post to be able to like and share. As far as friends go, Ello has begun a filter process within your newsfeed; both Friends and Noise. Friends being people that you follow their posts but not actual friends like friends on Facebook.  Noise can also be people who you follow but you won’t be alerted of any of their posts, like putting them on do not disturb but only on your news feed. But users can also discover different posts by the category bar at the top navigation.

screen-shot-2014-09-24-at-11-06-25-amA fun new addition to Ello is that users can create an Elloan. This is a picture of the user with the Ello logo on top. This can help users when they are scared about privacy as far as pictures of themselves go. This could take off and be a friend for Ello and different profiles. Ello in sum is a place that users can express their creativity whether writing, painting and drawing, or photography without the interruption of ads. It is also a great way for start-up artist to create an “online portfolio”.

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