How much impact does NASA have in our daily lives?

When most people think of NASA, the first thing that pops to their mind outer space. We think of the stars, planets and galaxies. Don’t forget about the satellites either.

NASA is involved in our daily lives. How? Well here are some samples:

Brain Surgery Tools

Neurosurgeons employ bipolar forceps which use electricity to cut and cauterize tissue. But electricity in the forceps generates extra heat, so you need to safely dissipate that heat and avoid damaging healthy brain tissue.

A company called Thermacore has a solution that NASA had been using since the early days of space flight. Heat pipes. A downsized version was created for bipolar forceps, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of neurosurgery. This was said by MSN.

Memory Foam

a material found in everything fromMemory-Foam-Mattress[1].jpg mattresses to sports helmets

Rocket-Powered Parachutes

they can rescue entire airplanes; invisible braces; and tensile fabrics that are seen in structures all around the world. The two recent examples are from Reformer.

We don’t really look at the details of what makes up the technology around us. NASA hasn’t received much credit for all the things they have created and helped develop. They have accomplished achievements not only in space, but on Earth too. Could you imagine a world without NASA?

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