The End is Near: Strategic Social Media Recap


credit: featured images


The last half of 2016 has been a long and crazy ordeal! Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, the world pretended to be mannequins, cyberbullying has managed to take the lives of several more young people and the Dakota Access Pipeline war started and ended. Needless to say, this has been a thriving time for social media outlets.

Actually in times like the ones the world has experienced lately, I am absolutely thankful for social media. Without the various social media platforms that we have, we would all be completely lost as to what is going on in the world around us. With 24 hours access and immediate up to date information thrown at us, we had no choice but to face the terrors going on around us.

More than anything, social media outlets have allowed us to share our opinions and ideologies with one another. It has been a center where people can be heard and listened to. It has allowed like minded people to link up with one another and try to find ways to make a difference.

Social media has also allowed for controversy and the truth to emerge. See there is nothing wrong with controversy. Everyone is entitled  to their own opinions and is allowed to share those opinions. The funny thing about controversy is that it gets people thinking in ways that they may not have done before and more than that it gets people talking about the issues that truly matter. The horrible truths that are the foundation of our government and country have also been exposed through social media stories, fights and comments. Social media platforms have allowed people to see others true colors once and for all.

Yea, social media can be filled with absolute garbage sometimes. And yea social media can be used to destroy innocent people’s lives. I do not condone all the bad that social media platforms can produce. But what I do condone is the progressive changes it has made. If we can focus and promote more of the positive outcomes that social media has to offer rather than harping on all of the negatives, then maybe we can finally change the face of social media platforms for good!