Apps and Social Media Strategy


Written By: Robert Warren

In Social Media, apps can be a push in the social media strategy. Big name companies invest in the app marketplace as a way to get more engagement with the company. Companies may offer discounts, coupons or have an engaging app to have the connections strengthened but is it an effective marketing strategy?

A big part of creating an effective app however deals with UX, user experience, how does a user feel when they engage in your app? Is it a high speed performance app or is it laggy? Are the controls easy to use or is it complex? Is the flow nice?

Then you have to think about balance, how much of the app is used towards marketing your content and how much of the app is filled with just things the customer will enjoy? How can you make your marketing something the customer will enjoy?

With both the iTunes and Android marketplace, apps can have a lot of power. The convenience of having an app can draw more customers and increase engagement with your company but only if you do it right. The fluidity, the way the customer can engage and the ease of access to your company are all valuable things to look into.

The next important aspect is your persona. How are you portraying your brand through the marketing strategy that you have employed in your mobile app? The way a brand is played is vital. This is going to get the customer to decide whether they fit with your brands persona or not. You can play the brand more serious and such or you can go off the edge a bit. You can be a bit more humorous or not as this is all up to you. This will determine the demographic that is reading and interacting with your content.